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The Morning of Checklist for Brides

You’ve finally made it! It’s the morning of your wedding, you’re surrounded by your bridesmaids and important members of your family, and you’re hours away from marrying the love of your life. The energy on the morning of is like no other, BUT there are often a few things overlooked that will make the day go that much smoother (and more fun for you!).

  • Share a timeline with all key family members and friends
    • No matter how many times you tell people, they’re going to text you the week before, the day before, and some might even text you on the morning of wondering where they need to be and when. This is why a timeline is critical for a successful morning of. This timeline is included in the larger full event timeline, but I always recommend to my couples pulling out key moments leading up to the ceremony for the bridal party, parents, grandparents, literally anyone who has a job to do or a place to be before the wedding. I do this for all my couples- we create a custom template that can be shared with everyone and anyone that has all the details. This way when you get the text- you have one document to send.
  • Steamers!!!
    • This one is so often overlooked. Ideally, your wedding dress and your bridesmaids dresses have been hung in the garment bag in a secure location avoiding all wrinkles. But let’s be real- some packed their dresses in suitcases, some just threw it in to the car, you had to transport your dress somehow, the list goes on and on. The morning of as everyone arrives to get ready, start hanging¬† dresses and start steaming. People can take turns throughout the morning ensuring everyone is wrinkle free. Note: make sure whoever is steaming is doing it before hair and makeup!
  • Detail Shots
    • Anything that you want photographed in your detail shots make sure you place in one location wherever you’re getting ready so the photographer can start as soon as they arrive. Think invitation suite, wedding rings, engagement ring, generational jewelry, perfume, bridal shoes, bridal accessories, watches, cuff links, etc. When you’re finalizing your flowers for the big day, make sure you include some detail florals to be dropped off with the bouquets so the photographer can get some shots of everything.
  • Don’t start to early
    • There is nothing worse than getting the 7am makeup slot for a 4pm wedding. By the time you’re done everyone has to be touched up again, hair has fallen, and you’re just plain exhausted from hanging around all day. My recommendation is always to hire another stylist or make up artist so you can start a bit later. You and your bridesmaids want to wake up on the big day feeling refreshed and excited, not stressed about oversleeping or being exhausted by the time the wedding rolls around.
  • FOOD
    • This is a big one. I always make sure my couples have a designated person that is taking care of ordering food for the bridal party. After attending several weddings and hearing how the bride hasn’t eaten since 7am and the ceremony is about to start at 4pm, I have made this a fast and hard rule. You need to eat! The day goes by so fast, and you don’t want to feel dizzy walking down the aisle, or spending most of cocktail hour hiding away trying to eat. Eat throughout the day so you can feel your best (and delegate the job so you don’t have to worry about it)


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